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Primal Energy - Fast Acting Energy Restoration


  •  Bring The Fire
  •  Happy Gut
  •  Instant Energizer


Primal Energy Tonic Blend is strong and energising blend composed of mushrooms, tonic herbsand superfoods that promote longterm energy, spleen and lung support, digestive assimilation, increased blood flow and immune support.

Primal Energy is great for day-to-day energy production and increased adaptability and stress tolerance. This caffeine-free blend offers a stimulating effect without depleting the body's (Jing) deep energy reserves or giving one of the jitters or the typical crashing feelings that caffeine addiction sometimes causes. Primal Energy is suitable for people of all ages to be utilised daily.

Benefits of Primal Energy

  • Energy
  • Digestion
  • Skin
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Strength
  • Liver
  • Immunity
  • Spleen
  • Blood
  • Fitness

Build Strength & Boost Energy Instantly


Energy is the foundation of our lives. Without enough power, our relationships and jobs are failing, our moods are shifting and becoming volatile, our aspirations are becoming harder to achieve, and our overall happiness is fading. Without enough time, life seems to be running at half velocity.

What is Chi?

Chi is better described as the day-to-day strength and vitality that comes from the air that we breathe and the food we eat. We sense a persistent scarcity of resources in our mind and body and we can all relate to the problems it creates in our lives. If we ask "I want more chi," what we are really saying is "I need more Chi." Chi is a quality that accumulates over time, and with daily use of Primal Chi, one can expect to feel a positive difference in body, mind and spirit.

Ingredients: Astragalus root+, Codonopsis+, White Atractylodes^, Poria Mushroom+, Licorice Root+, Red Jujube Fruit+, Longan Berry+, Cinnamon*, Raw Cacao*, Lucuma*, Mesquite*, All Spice*, Nutmeg*, Ginger*, Cayenne Pepper*, Zeolites

*Certified Organic  ^Wildcrafted  +Organically Cultivated (Non-GMO).
No added fillers, grains, preservatives, sugar, salt, or starch.

Healthy Dose.

Our recommendation is to start with 2 tsps per day. You might want to start with less than 1/4 tsp if you know you're sensitive to herbs. When you feel ready, you can increase your dosage to suit your daily needs and needs. The consumption in high doses is very safe.