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Whether you're planning to share cookies with your family, whether you're a shop owner, working in an office or just a very keen eater of cookies, we'll make sure you get the best "bang for your buck."

These cookies are free from all the 9 most common allergens, are vegan and FODMAP friendly, low in calories and sugar

Ella's Wisdom vision is to make healthier food choices a standard, rather than the alternative.

The past 30 years have seen incredible technological development in many different fields, but basic food ingredients, like flour, sugar, soy, palm oil or dairy, are very hard to replace, and that's why we aim to be at the forefront of what could be called a junk food revolution.

We believe comfort food shouldn't hurt you and shouldn't hurt the planet, should be as affordable as the competition is, should be made with whole foods as much as possible, but most of all must be appealing to the young ones; in packaging, taste, look, texture and overall experience. Also, we all know the struggle of trying to reduce the consumption of sugar, after the attachment that started from a very young age, so we aim to break the cycle by providing tasty, low sugar options. 

Chocolate chip cookie ingredients:
Tapioca flour, sunflower seeds, Nuttelex™ coconut oil shortening (vegetable oil blend [18% coconut oil], water, salt, emulsifiers[non-palm] 471 sunflower lecithin, vitamin D, E), organic coconut nectar*, 70% organic fairtrade dark chocolate chips (cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, cocoa powder*), raising agent (500, 575), natural flavours. (*organic

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