What Size Reusable Coffee Cup Should You Get?

Twizz Mug Size Guide

Find the perfect sized reusable coffee cup for your espresso, flat white or ice coffee! 

The Twizz Mug is available in spectacular range of colours and designs. Find a Twizz Mug to express your style!

Size Perfect For... Average Takeaway Cup Size Dimensions
(Height x Base diameter)
200mL Espresso, piccolo, babycino, cappuccino Cappuccino (150mL) 12cm x 8cm Stainless steel
Latte, flat white, cold brew, tea
Small (280mL)
Regular (350mL)
16cm x 8cm
BPA-free plastic
Iced coffee, smoothies, milk tea, water
Large (480mL)
22cm x 8cm
Stainless steel

Twizz Mug Size Guide

Why Use a Reusable Coffee Cup?

Australians throw away approximately 2.7 million takeaway coffee cups every single day. These plastic-lined disposable coffee cups cannot be processed by most recycling facilities. So they accumulate in landfill.

Yet the implications are even greater than the landfill. Find out where the waste ends up when it breaks down... (hint: you may be eating a credit-card amount of plastic each week!). 

Reusable coffee cups are an excellent alternative to reduce our amount of waste. Cafes are hopping on board this coffee cup evolution, with some even offering a 50c discount if you bring your own cup!

Benefits of the Twizz Mug:

  • Reduce waste in landfill
  • Lightweight, spill-proof and BPA-free
  • Retains heat for up to 2 hours

Can I get a personalised Twizz Mug?

Currently, we offer personalisation for large orders. If you run a business, you can customise the Twizz Mug with your business name or logo.

This is an innovative way to show customers your support for a cleaner world, and encourage them to participate. Customised Twizz Mugs are also a great option as a company gift.

Contact us at info@makiasworld.com to find out how we can help.

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