Stylish Water Bottles for the Hydrated Fashionista

Plastic bags are banned, but what about single-use plastic water bottles? We use an estimated one million disposable plastic bottles every minute. More than 373 million of these plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year.

Luckily, you don’t have to settle for boring and uninspiring reusable water bottle designs. We’ve found the most aesthetic water bottles that your friends will want to steal. With these stylish and practical accessories by your side, you won’t forget to keep sipping on water throughout your day.

Look and feel better with the Twizz Mug collection, while protecting our environment too. 

Stylish water bottle

1. Moonlight Twizz Mug


Reminiscent of stars against a clear night’s sky, the Moonlight Twizz Mug boasts an elegant design with its gorgeous midnight-blue sheen and white rim. This water bottle adds a subtle sparkle that can be paired with any outfit of the day (or night)! 

Reusable water bottles are the latest accessory for eco- and health-conscious warriors. You can make a statement whether you’re dressed in casual denim or a business pantsuit with the Moonlight Twizz Mug in your hand.

Hot Tip:

All Twizz Mugs come with a free reusable plastic straw. When the top is twisted shut, the silicone seals tightly around the straw to prevent any water spillage. Yes, it’s leakproof! You can toss this water bottle into your bag, and carry on with your day without worry. Fuss-free and stylish? Win-win 

Cleaning the reusable straw is simple. Pull apart the straw into 3 shorter segments and rinse through with detergent and warm water. For a deeper clean, use a thin bristle brush with detergent.

Best water bottle

2. Karl Twizz Mug


The classiest water bottle you’ll find. The Karl Twizz Mug is the minimal water bottle that you’ll want to show off. Flash it as you refill your water (or your third cup of coffee - we get it). And use it as a centerpiece on your desk. 

This matte black water bottle is one of our most popular designs. Have you seen the versatile and timeless design of the Karl Twizz Mug? We’re obsessed! If you’re looking for a stylish and practical gift for yourself or the people you love, let us hook you up. 

Get a Twizz Mug for your partner,  your girlfriends, your boss, your neighbour or even your neighbour’s dog. 

Limited resources:

Did you know that it can take from 3-7L of water and 162 grams of crude oil to make a single 1L bottle of water? In fact, this is a conservative estimate. These figures don't even account for the fossil fuel burnt during the transportation of the bottled water around the world. 

Bottled water can quickly become a large but unnoticed expense. Single-use water bottles cost around $2.50 per bottle, whereas tap water is only a few cents per litre. Over 90% of the cost of a single disposable water bottle comes from the cost of producing the plastic bottle, lid, and label. 

Don’t waste your money and non-renewable resources. Save your money and the earth by drinking from and refilling a reusable water bottle.

Stylish bottle

3. Crystal Twizz Mug


Complete your outfit with the chic translucent design of the Crystal Twizz Mug. so you can see how much water you’re drinking throughout the day. The matte finish 

Did you know?

All Twizz Mugs have double-walled insulation, keeping your water cool for up to 6 hours. This design also prevents condensation from forming on the outside. Dry hands and a clean desk - winning! If you prefer your drinks hot, the Twizz Mug can keep your coffee or tea hot for up to 2 hours.

The Twizz Mug collection offers some of the best (and best-looking) water bottles. It captures beauty in its streamlined and stylish silhouette, and beast-like durability in its insulated, leakproof design. Need we say more? 

Stylish water bottle Twizz mug

4. Polka Twizz Mug


Rock a fun and playful look with the Polka Twizz Mug. The nautical navy blue and pure white combination has us dreaming about long lazy afternoons with sand in our toes and salt in our hair. Don’t forget to slip-slop-slap (and sip)! 

This quirky polka-dot design also comes in 3 additional colourways - burgundy, baby pink, and grey. You’re spoilt for choice.


All Twizz Mugs are crafted from BPA-free plastic, giving you a lightweight water bottle without any harmful contaminants leaching into your water. Manufacturers add bisphenol-A, aka BPA, to make plastic hard and shiny. However, in the human body, BPA disrupts regular hormone functions and can lead to a number of dangerous health issues, including links to breast cancer. 

At Makia's World, we know the cumulative effect of using single-use water bottles multiple times can be detrimental to your health. Avoid reusing any disposable water bottles. Research has shown that the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic in the bottle can leach heavy metals into your water when exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. PET also is made from crude oils, which further depletes our dwindling natural resources.

The breakdown of plastic takes thousands of years. Yet, plastic cannot be entirely broken down. They actually form microplastics that drift into all corners of our environment. Not only is it harmful to our environment and wildlife, but a new study suggests you could be consuming the equivalent of a credit card every week! Oh boy.

Instead, buy a reusable water bottle that you can drink from safely without releasing toxic chemicals. It should also be durable so you can continue to reuse it for a long time. Despite its elegant appearance, the Twizz Mug is microwave- and freezer-safe, leak-proof and shatter-proof - incredibly heavy duty. 

Silver stylish water bottle

5. Silver Flash Twizz Mug


The stylish Twizz Mug has been reinvented in a classic cool tone. The Silver Flash Twizz Mug is a simple water bottle with an understated design. Sleek, silver and stylish, this bottle will become your most trusty companion.


Using the Twizz Mug is a unique and seamless experience. So the Twizz Mug has an award-winning patented twist-top design - what does that even mean? It means you can turn your water bottle into a cup, drink from it with a straw, or seal it shut with a simple turn of your wrist. Innovative and multifunctional! 

On a hot summer’s day, you’re craving mind-numbingly cold water - but even filtered water from the tap is warm. A regular water bottle can’t fit any ice blocks, and you’re left with no choice to drink lukewarm water or wait patiently while you chill your water in the freezer. 

But with the twist-top Twizz Mug, that is no longer a problem. Pop in as many ice blocks as you want to instantly chill your drink. If you want to freeze your entire drink, worry not as the Twizz Mug is also freezer safe.

What’s more? The Twizz Mug has a slightly tapered base, so it fits perfectly into the cup holder in your car, and in the cup holder on your treadmill. 

Best water bottle

6. Purple Rain Twizz Mug


The Purple Rain Twizz Mug is undeniably pretty. The rich mulberry hue looks delicious enough to eat. The satin finish makes this mug a beauty to touch and hold. Take her into the sunlight to reveal a subtle shine. She may just be your perfect yoga companion - who said a water bottle can’t be both stylish and practical?

Jazz it up:

Do you find water flavourless and uninspiring to drink? No problem-o! We have a vault of tips and tricks to help you lift your water game, and get you hydrated! 

  • Add your favourite flavoured-tea-bags to filtered tap water. Let it infuse for a few minutes or overnight for a more powerful taste. 
  • Opt for a few slices of lemon or citrus fruit. You can add slightly crushed strawberries, blueberries, or pineapple. For a refreshing kick, slap in a few mint leaves to the mix.
  • For a more interesting and invigorating mouth-feel, use sparkling water (or add bubbles your water at home with a carbonating machine). You can add fresh fruit or tea bags as suggested above, or add a splash of juice or a couple of flavoured ice cubes.

 Stylish water bottle

7. Paulette Twizz Mug


Carry a piece of France with the colourful design of the Paulette Twizz Mug. This reusable water bottle design boasts the iconic Breton stripes in a timeless red-blue-white colorway. Pick up a baguette and don a beret - and you’ve captured a piece of traditional French culture.

Heading from the office to the gym, or to a relaxing Sunday picnic? We hope you enjoy the cheese and wine, mademoiselle! Pack the Paulette Twizz Mug to keep yourself looking stylish and staying hydrated all week long.

Benefits of drinking water:

We all know the standard water intake recommendation is 8 cups every day. But it can be hard when getting water takes too much effort - the treacherous trek to the sink, or to your nearest convenience store (where there are tempting and tantalising alternatives). 

With the fashionable Twizz Mug in your line of sight on your desk and easily within reach, drinking water will stay top-of-mind. Reaching your daily water consumption goals hasn’t been easier.

Say hello to youthful glowing skin and renewed energy! Fulfill your health goals this year with the most stylish drinking vessels from Makia’s World. Drink up to:

  1. Maximise physical performance
  2. Boosts skin health
  3. Lubricates joints
  4. Helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your body
  5. Supports digestion and waste removal
  6. Regulates body temperature
  7. Supports energy levels and brain function
  8. Supports hormone production
  9. Helps with weight loss

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Love this product. It's pretty, good quality and functional! We're a family of 5 and having an assigned colour for each family member has been really great!”

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Mocha stainless steel coffee cup

Mocha Twizz Mug


The Twizz Mug also comes in stainless steel and a range of sizes from 200mL to 600mL. Discover our full range online to find the one that suits your individual needs and style! 

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