How to prepare yourself for this bushfire season

Concerned about bushfire smoke impacting your family's and your own health?
We are too! We have reviewed some air purifiers. Air Purifiers remove harmful smoke and chemicals from the air you breathe. 

Why do you need an air purifier?

Better air quality can help you breathe better by lowering the risk of respiratory issues, especially in those with allergies or asthma. This is where the right air purifier can help. Try as you might to keep your home clean and stay on top of dust, even the cleanest homes can be full of allergens. Everything from dust and pet dander to outdoor irritants and even pollen pollute the air in your home. All of these things can wreak havoc on your breathing.
While everyone can benefit from cleaner air, those who have allergies or respiratory issues should really consider an air purifier. As well, any household with pets or smokers should have an air purifier. Did we mention fireplaces and wood stoves? Yes, wood smoke can pollute your air and make it harder to breathe well, too.

What does an air purifier do?

Just as their name suggests; air purifiers purify the air. An air purifier reduces the overall concentration of any airborne contaminants in your home, including dust and dust mite faeces, pollen, mould, pet dander, smoke, chemical irritants, and odours. They circulate the air in the room; pulling in the contaminated air and filtering it before sending it back out so that you end up with a cleaner, healthier air that’s also free of foul odours.

How do they work?

The air purifier pulls in the air where it passes through a HEPA filter.
The filter catches the contaminants so that when the air is pushed out it is clean and free of pollutants. It continues to circulate the air, repeating the process over and over.
Every time the air passes through the filter, more of those contaminants get caught by the filter so that the air gets cleaner with every pass.
To eliminate smoke, bacteria and allergens, we have selected 10 air purifiers perfect for every need.
AROVEC True HEPA Air Purifier
Compact for home Air Cleaner, 3-Stage filter system. Removes Germs, Smoke, Dust, Pollen, Odors, Mold, For Allergies, Pet Dander, Eliminator for Smokers, with Optional Night Light, White, 2-Yr Warranty, AV-P152
ARRIVES in 2-3 days
  • NO OZONE: 100% ozone free. To improve air quality the purifier does not produce ions. Ozone can make it hard to breathe if it’s presented in the air around us.
  • HEPA FILTER: 3-stage filter system removes allergens as small as 0.3 microns from the air and ultrafine particles (PM 2.5). Pre-filter also included helping the main filters last longer. Filters must be changed at least every 6 to 8 months. Search AV-P152-RF for affordable AROVEC replacement filters.
  • ALLERGIES: removes allergens including dust, pollens, pet dander, mould spores from the air. No ion irritants emitted. Year-round comfort for allergy sufferers.
  • PURIFIED AIR: removes smoke particulates and purifies the air. Ideal for people with allergies, asthma and indoor pets. Activated carbon filter removes household odours, the smell of cigarette smoke and volatile organic compounds, like paint fumes. Room air is circulated over 4 times per hour. Effective for rooms up to 12m2.
  • QUIET OPERATION: 3 fan speed settings. Keep running all night with just the soft sound of a gentle breeze. Sleep undisturbed and wake up breathing easy and feeling refreshed.
Check it here:
Afloia Air Purifier
Portable Air Purifier for Home, Air Cleaner with True HEPA Filters, 3 Fan Speed Whisper Quiet Air Cleaner for Dust Pollen Smoke Household Odors Mold Smoke, No Ozone,White
ARRIVES in 2-3 days
  • HIGH-QUALITY FILTER: This Item is a built-in high-quality filter which can capture allergens, odours, mould, dust, germs, pets, smoke efficiently, make your room full of fresh air, give you a comfortable life.
  • AUTO SHUT-OFF SETTING: There are 2H/4H/8H three timer settings, which means the machine can auto shut off after 2hours/4 hours/8hours.
  • ADJUSTABLE WIND SPEED & LIGHT CONTROL BUTTON: In the condition of working, you can adjust the wind speed (low grade/middle grade/high grade) by pressing the wind speed button, you can also Adjust the right modes(soft light/standard light)by pressing the light control button.
  • WHISPER QUIET: This item whispers lower than 53dB, worry-free for noise. Designed for large and small rooms ranging from 500 sqft - 1000 sqft.
  • PERFECT AFTER-SALE SERVICE: 30 days money back or exchange, 24 months with the professional customer service team to provide friendly and fast support.
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AROVEC AV-P154 Air Purifier
5-in-1 Room True HEPA Filter Purifier with Anion, Home Air Cleaner with Optional 7 Colour Night Light Deodorizer for Allergens, Smoke, Asthma, Odors Elimination, Allergies, Mold, Dust, Germs, Bacteria, Pollen, Pet Dander and more, Ultra Quiet – White - 2 Yr Warranty
ARRIVES in 6-12 days
  • PURIFIES THE AIR 4 Stage filtrations system: Pre-Filter Captures large particles, such as hair, pet fur and lint. The true HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust mites, pollen, airborne bacteria, pet dander, mould spores. Activated Carbon Filters Neutralizes various household odours, such as pet odours, cooking smells and cigarette smoke. Anion Neutralize Pollutants such as dust in the air without releasing Ozone.
  • WHISPER-QUITE OPERATION: with a noise level at just 30-50dB,
  • CADR RATED: 100m³/h; effective coverage area up to 12m².
  • -Replacement Filter: Search "AV-P154-RF" to buy the replacement filter. Filters need to replace every 6 months. The filter is not washable. This air purifier passed CE RoHS Certification, AV-P154 2-Yr Warranty
  • WHAT YOU GET: AV-P154 Air Purifier, 3-in-1 HEPA filter, user manual, 2 Year Warranty, Caring Customer Support 7 days a week.
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AROVEC Mini Desktop Air Purifier
Portable air cleaner for office and Home with True HEPA and Activated Carbon Filters Touch Panel with Digital indoor temperature and humidity indication Odor eliminator, Remove Germs, Dust, Pollen, Odours, Smoke and Mold Bullets up to 8m2 White Black, 1 Yr Warranty AV-P108.
ARRIVES in 2-3 days
  • SILENT & POWERFUL DESIGN: 360°Purification Performance makes the air circulates faster, enhancing the air clearing efficiency. Upgraded Low noise version air purifier to make sure you enjoy a high-quality sleeping. You can choose Sleep mode which is extremely quiet to help you sleep without disturbing.
  • TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY DISPLAY: Changes in temperature and humidity in the room can be grasped easily it will be useful for preventing geothermal disease.
  • HIGH-QUALITY HEPA FILTER: 3-stage purification system, Complete Air Purification. HEPA filter and activated carbon structure purifies the air and improves your health. Also, this model generating Negative ions which can create fresh air in the room.
  • COMPACT & POWERFUL: It's small size and modern design make it easy to fit in any small areas or rooms. Powerful air circulation is enough to deliver clean airflow volume 35m³/h which cover up to 8m2/85ft2. Noise Level: ≤35dB.
  • REPLACEMENT FILTER AVAILABLE: Please search "AV-P108-RF" to buy the replacement filter. Filters need to replace every 6 months. The filter is not washable. This air purifier passed CE RoHS Certification, AV-P108 1-Yr Warranty.
Check it here:
Medify MA-14 Medical Grade
True HEPA (H13 99.97%) Air Purifier for up to 470 Sq. Ft. Allergies, Dust, Pollen.Perfect for Single Office, Bedrooms, Dorms or Baby Nurseries - White
ARRIVES in 8-15 days
  • Medical Grade H13 True HEPA Filter (higher rated than True HEPA) 99.97% particle removal
  • CADR of 120 | Cleans up to 470 sq. an hour. 235 sq. ft. in 30 minutes. 117 sq. ft. in 15 minutes | Perfect for Office, Bedroom, Dorms, Baby Nurseries
  • 3 Fans Speeds | Night Light | Sleep Mode
  • Filter Replacement indicator | Replacement Filter ASIN B07VF25QJ6
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Philips AC6608/70 Philips Series 6000 Air Purifier
ARRIVES in 20-25 days
  • Upgraded VItaShield IPS technology filters 20nm* particles
  • NanoProtect HEPA filter removes 99.97% 0.3μm particles
  • Sleep mode for your comfortable night of sleep
  • Class-leading AeraSense sensing technology with real-time PM2.5 feedback and 4 colour AQI light
  • CADR 657m3/h & Room Size 169 m2
Check it here:
Philips DE5205/70 Philips 2in1 Dehumidifier and Purifier DE5205/70
ARRIVES in 2-3 days
  • Digital humidity sensor gives numerical feedback on humidity
  • Special dry laundry mode for drying clothes with ease, Purifier only mode
  • VitaShield naturally purifies UFP as small as 0.02microns
  • CADR & Room Size for dehumAutomatic dehumidification control with pre-setting
  • 5 fan speed setting
Check it here:
Philips Air Humidifier   HU4803/70
NanoCloud Technology, Automatic Humidity Mode and Digital Sensor, White & Oyster Metallic
ARRIVES in 2-3 days
  • Suitable for bedrooms
  • Hygienically safer, no white dust* and no wet desktop
  • Evenly distributes humidified air around you
  • Choose between silent and standard humidification
Check it here:
Volwco Air Purifier for Home
USB Car Air Freshener, 3 Stage True HEPA Filter Air Cleaners for Smokers, Negative Ion Air Purifier, Air Eliminator for PM2.5 Dander, Pollen, Dust, Odor Office Home Bedroom.
ARRIVES in 2-3 days
  • THREE PURIFICATION MODES OF AIR PURIFIER: There are three purification modes of air purifier filter, which can perform multiple purifications. Air purifiers for home are especially suitable for spring and allergy seasons, it can extensively reduce 99% of dust, allergens, pollen, formaldehyde, smoke, odour, pet dander, and other odour gases, perfect fit wildfire smoke and ashes. Let you maintain a happy mood.
  • MULTI-SPEED QUIET PURIFIER: Three fan speeds from the low, medium, or high can be feasible for office, living room, baby room and any medium-size space. The volume generated is 竕、 30DB when HEPA air purifier is working, that ensures that you can sleep quietly in a fresh air environment so that you can solve problems that are bothering you in good sleep with HEPA filter air purifier.
  • PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: Mini air purifier has small size 9 x 17cm and portable USB power supply, whether in the bedroom, living room, office or outdoor tourism, in the car, USB air purifier can make you enjoy fresh air anytime, anywhere.
  • EASY OPERATIONS: Portable air purifier only needs to plug in the USB charging port, which can be used indoor or outdoor with a power bank. You can control the small air purifier with one button, it is the perfect choice for your bedroom, office, living room, travel!
  • HIGH QUALITY: Hepa air purifiers for home is made of high-quality ABS material, durable and aesthetics. The desktop air purifier is easy to clean with a cloth. SERVICE FIRST: Our service respects the service and provides excellent customer service and feedback within 24 hours.
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Breville The Easy Air Purifier, White, LAP150WHT
ARRIVES in 2-3 days
  • 4-stage air purification system
  • 360 Degrees Air Circulation Design
  • Timer Mode & Night Mode
  • Suitable for rooms from 15 to 25m squared
  • 4 Stage Air Purification System
  • Microbe Shield Light for germs and bacteria
  • True HEPA filter for allergens and fine particles
  • Carbon Filter for odours and smoke
  • Pre Filter for dust and pet dander
  • 360 Degrees Air Circulation Design
  • Timer Mode, Night Mode
  • Approved by Sensitive Choice
  • Air Circulation 92m3/h
  • 4 Fan Speeds
  • 8 hour timer
  • Noise level 28 59dB(A)
Check it here:
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