How to Pick the Best Meal Prep Container For You

How to Find the Best Meal Prep Container For You


You've got healthy meal prep recipes under wraps. But what's the most suitable container for you to store and carry your meals?

We take you through the different materials, sizes and important qualities you should consider. 

1. Material

Meal prep containers can be found in a range of materials - glass, plastic, stainless steel - and each have their pros and cons.

Glass is microwave unlike stainless steel containers, and they are less likely to stain/carry odours than plastic. However, glass is significantly heavier. Glass meal prep containers would be suitable if you have a short and easy commute. 

Stainless steel is easy to clean, and may provide insulation in a double-walled thermos-style container. However, stainless steel lunch containers are often bulky and cannot be microwaved. 

Stainless steel meal prep container

Plastic is lightweight and portable, in comparison to heavy glass or bulky stainless steel containers. Reusable BPA-free plastic meal prep containers are a convenient and safe alternative.

The chemical, BPA, found in some plastics may leach into food when degraded over time or heated at extremely high temperatures. These are generally beyond the usual microwave temperatures. To minimised your risk of BPA exposure, avoid using takeaway containers and cling wrap which melts when heated.

Pick a material that suits your lifestyle and needs.

2. Size

Different sizes meal prep containers

It's most convenient if you can fit your meal into one container. You may bring smaller containers for snacks, but it may feel clumsy to bring five or more containers.

Consider how much food you want to pack to find the size that will fit your meal, without being too big (which will take up more space than necessary). Standard meal prep containers hold around 3 cups, or 750mL.  

3. Leakproof

Reusable plastic meal prep Twizz lunch box

You don’t want the oil from your salad dripping into your bag, or sauce from your pasta smeared across your belongings. That’s just extra cleaning, dirtied belongings and wasted food. Trust me, it’s no fun.

Save yourself from the struggle with a leak-proof container. Check the reviews and test the container at home with some shaking and tossing, before you take it on-the-go!

4. Safe and Convenient

Reusable plastic Twizz meal prep container

Make sure your container is safe and convenient to use. If you meal prep for a week at a time, make sure the container is freezer-safe and microwave safe so you can easily pack, store and reheat when needed.

If you prefer to throw your meal prep containers in the dishwasher, rather than hand-washing, check that it is also dishwasher safe.

If you choose a reusable plastic meal prep container to reheat your meals, check that it is BPA free to minimise any risks.

Check out our Twizz lunchbox - BPA-free, leakproof and with a one-of-a-kind twist design!

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