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Nutrition Buddha bowl


5 Snacks to Fight Fatigue

The Surprising Science of Bloating

The Ultimate Guide to Rich Sources of Plant Protein

Are Juices or Smoothies Better For You?

6 Steps to Stop Your Sugar Cravings

What Do Your Food Cravings Really Mean?

7 Foods to Help Detoxify Your Liver

Top Tips for a Healthier Work Lunch


Flat-lay food

The Science of Food

Cracking the Code: Do Eggs Increase Your Blood Cholesterol?

Prebiotics, Probiotics, Synbiotics and Postbiotics Explained – Makia's

The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen | Pesticides in Your Produce

Are Sweeteners Better Than Sugar?

What are adaptogens and how do they work?

Phytoestrogens in Food and Their Side-Effects


Meal prep

Meal Prep

5 Easy Meal Prep Ideas in Under 30 Minutes

How To Meal Prep For Your Travels


Woman stretching fitness

General Health

How to Boost Your Immune System to Fight the Flu

5 Practical Ways to Save Money and Live Healthier in 2020

How to Get Better Sleep: 5 Science-Backed Strategies

5 Ways to Reduce the Severity of Your PMS Symptoms

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Home Remedies for Constipation Relief

Healthy Ways to Manage Chronic Stress

Chronic Inflammation: How It Hurts You and What You Should Eat


Woman with closed eyes breathing 

Respiratory Health

Ranked: The 10 Best Dust Masks for 2020

3 Ways to Alleviate Your Allergy Symptoms

How to prepare yourself for this bushfire season

How Bushfire Smoke Affects Your Health


Reusable lunch bento box


What Size Reusable Coffee Cup Should You Get?

How to Pick the Best Meal Prep Container For You

How to Keep Your Food Fresh for Longer – Makia's World

The Reusable Coffee Cup Revolution


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