5 Smart Ways To Make Your Home More Comfortable and Convenient

Cozy up your home with these ingenious yet simple tricks. Whether you’re looking to revive your current space or settle into a new one, you can easily create comfort, joy and productivity.

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1. Declutter

Physical clutter is like mental litter. 

Mess easily accumulates around the home, making it hard to find what you need, when you need it. Usually, you have more urgent or important things to do. You’re just too busy to tidy up - she’ll be right. And the scattered documents and clothing are left for another day.

Instead, take a moment (right after reading this) to clear out the things you don’t need or want. Go through your wardrobe, shelves, desks, and cupboards and ask yourself  - “Does it spark joy?”. This question popularised by Marie Kondo can feel strange at first. But it's a great way to filter belongings that no longer benefit your lifestyle, and cherish the items you love. 

Tackle your stuff by category rather than by room for maximum efficiency. For instance, sort by clothes, books, papers, sentimental items, and miscellaneous items. This way, you can clearly see whether if own 13 plaid shirts, 5 keyboards or 7 mugs you collected as freebies.

Discard the items that don’t spark joy, and keep the ones that do. Or donate any relatively new items to an op shop. It'll feel so satisfying and freeing to purge. And you'll have created more space for a life you love.

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2. Designate storage

If you find yourself scrambling for things that you need, create a designated location for each item. Assign hooks or shelf space at the most convenient location (where you're most often looking for it). So you’re not scrambling for your keys as you leave your house, attach a hook in the entryway. Add a new extra for a leash if you have a pet. Place a rack by the front door for your coat, umbrella, and bag. 

Store all your extra charging cables and wires in a box. Even better, ID tag and tie each one with a rubber band or velcro strip. Throw away any mystery electronics if you haven’t already, just keep the ones you’ll need.

Hang a shoe organiser inside your wardrobe (or behind your door) to store scarves, hats, or underwear. Shoe organisers are so convenient - use one to arrange your cables, craft items, or even snacks.

Collect your dirty laundry in a basket near your bathroom. Avoid leaving clothes inside the bathroom, as the moisture can make them damp and mildewy over time.

Leave clean garbage bags inside the bin, underneath the current bin bag so its right there when you want to replace it.

Sort any important paper files into folders by category - taxes, bills and work. Shred any old paperwork that you have lying around - most things can be accessed online. 

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3. Sort into containers

In the kitchen, make sure you are storing your fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy in the right places. Find out how you can keep your food fresh for longer. 

Ditch any expired food or anything past its prime. Organise your spices alphabetically or by cuisine. Tidy up your food storage containers - toss any that don’t have a matching lid and container. Arrange meal prep or leftovers into see-through containers so you can easily identify what they are without having to open every one. Translucent Twizz boxes work wonders to prevent any leaks.

In your wardrobe, sort your clothes into summer and winter items collections. Pack away the pieces of clothing that you wouldn’t currently wear into a box, or place deep in your wardrobe. With a small range of items you love, you’ll be able to make quicker decisions in the morning. 

Even if you’re working from home, change out of your PJs to slip into a productive mindset. Discover the other 6 mistakes people frequently make when working from home.

Voice-enabled smart home technology

4. Smart technology

No other assistant can work around the clock for you. Smart home devices can help you with almost everything from checking the weather to reminding you about your upcoming schedule. When connected, you can also control your lighting system and home appliances remotely. You won’t even need to climb out of bed to turn off the lights!

Offload cleaning to a robot vacuum that’ll work based on your custom schedule. If you love the look of fresh spritely grass without needing constant attention, install smart garden sensors that can monitor the condition of your plants and water accordingly. 

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5. Decorate

Each person is different, just like their homes. Without splurging on an expensive home renovation, you can significantly change the feel of your rooms using just decor. Browse online photo boards and websites for inspiration. When you find a style that appeals to you, pay attention to the colour palettes and textures. You could incorporate these into the pillows, curtains, and rugs. Consider table lamps with soft lighting or colour-changing LED lights depending on your taste.

Print out and frame your favourite photos. Even when you can’t have your friends or family over, a shelf full of holiday memories will remind you of the great times every time you pass by. Hang up artwork from your favourite artists - including your kids - to be inspired every day.

For more creative home decor ideas, repurpose your household items. Use an artsy mug as a pencil holder. Turn your candles or figurines into a professional display. Give them a polish, prop them up onto a shelf, and you’re golden. Even a fork can become a napkin ring - yes, really! The unique napkin rings serve as a reminder that you can be anything that you set out to be, and also make great gifts. 


With some extra time around the home, tidy up and decorate a little. Spend more time in areas with natural or warm-lighting, and relish your fresh, organised space.

5 Smart Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable and Convenient

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